MoldPower Grows Together with You

In 1997, Mr. Chen, Chung-Le and Mr. Chen, Ya-Mo co-founded Mold Power Co. Our core-values are honesty, quality, expertise, and a better future together. We are devoted to the design and the manufacturing of hot runner systems and originated the brand “Mold Power”. Because of our superior product performance, our products have been adopted by quite a few domestic mold plants for appliances, food containers, cosmetics, automotive parts, medical supplies, electronic products etc.. We provide customers with complete products and technology sharing.

We are a "research and development" oriented firm. We continuously learn from developments in foreign advanced technology and incorporate them with our own innovation to keep ourselves competitive. We have also introduced advanced machinery and equipment from Europe, America, Japan, and Taiwan and have developed a strict quality management and after-sales service system to ensure consistency in product line processes, shortened production time, reduced management costs and enhanced overall competitiveness.

Over the years, we have gained recognition from our customers with our excellent quality and production capacity, and we are gradually becoming better known in the international market as well. Currently, our research & development center and production headquarters are based in Taiwan and we also have plants and two service bases in China and Vietnam. In addition to that, agents base in Thailand, Malaysia and Indonesia are all at your disposal. Prospective agent partners based in different countries are also welcome to join us.

Sharing, Gains.

The father of MoldPower, Mr. Chen, Chung-Le has devoted himself to the design, production, and sale of hot runner systems since 1991. By virtue of his enthusiasm and passion for this industry, he has successfully led MoldPower to become an excellent enterprise.
MoldPower's Vision: Trust – Trust and honest are the very first priorities of MoldPower's Visions. This is also the reason why MoldPower became a reliable partner.
Quality – Quality talks. It's also a truth that quality defines product value. Professionalism – while knowledge helps us stand out, professionalism helps us take the lead.
Sharing – The key to a fruitful future is to share knowledge with our customers, to share techniques with our partners, and to share the achievement with our employees.

Creativity, Pride.

MoldPower regards R&D and technical innovation crucial; our successful results speak for themselves:
• MPT temperature controller for multi-protection function
• TS-1 / TS-4 dual-purpose sequential controller

Our R&D, Our Service.

R&D and innovation are why MoldPower is a leader in this industry, while our personnel are the key to our continual innovation. Our expertise and reliability are a result of extensive use of advanced mold flow analysis and 3D drafting software in the mold and injection molding area.

History of MoldPower
  1. Engaged in the hot runner system industry.

    Mr. Chen Chung-Le began his career in the sales of hot runner systems.

  2. Established Mold Power Corporation.

    Established Mold Power Co. with Mr.Chen Ya-Mo who shared the same ambition.

  3. Set up a base in Humen, Dongguag, China.

    Set up a base in Humen, Dongguag to enlarge their footprint in the Chinese market.

  4. Established Mold Power Technology Corporation in Shenzhen, China.

    We established Mold Power Technology Corporation in Shenzhen to provide complete after-sale service.

  5. Secured an agent base in Ho Chi Minh city, Vietnam.

    Broke our way into the Vietnamese market and set up an agent base there to expand the brand recognition of Mold Power.

  6. Secured an agent base in Kunshan, Jiangsu, China.

    We set up an agent base in Kunshan, Jiangsu to expand our market into Jiangsu and Zhejiang Provinces and to offer superior customer service.

  7. Secured an agent base in Bangkok, Thailand.

    We set up an agent base in Bangkok, Thailand to pioneer the Southeast Asian market.

  8. Secured an agent base in Surabaya, Indonesia.

    We set up an agent base in Surabaya Indonesia.

  9. Secured an agent base in Malaysia.

    We set up an agent base in Penang, Kuala Lumpur, Ipoh and Johor Bahru in Malaysia.

  10. Secured an agent base in Jakarta, Indonesia.

    We set up an agent base in Jakarta to expand the module market and provide more comprehensive after-sales service in Indonesia.

  11. Secured an agent base in Chennai, India.

    We set up an agent base in Chennai, India

  12. Established Mold Power Technology Corporation in Guangdong, China.

    We established Mold Power Technology Corporation in Dongguan to provide complete after-sale service.

  13. New Plant Groundbreaking in Rende

    In order to meet demand and to enhance capacity, Mr. Chen, Zhong-Le, decided to build the new plant and equipments. The new plant groudbreaking was hold at 28, April, 2017.

  14. Founding of Moldpower Vietnam

    Set up Moldpower Vietnam for providing the best service.

  15. Founding of Moldpower Rende

    We explanded the manufactoy. In order to demand of orders in Taiwan's market and worlds market .

  16. DMG MORI machines newly arrived

    Purchased  DMG MORI machines in Taiwan's headquater to not only meet the increasing demands of domestic and foreign orders but improve the processing quality.